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adoptables from friends mates by Teazerkitt adoptables from friends mates by Teazerkitt
Male is
Name:Haji (wanderer nomad traveler)
Gender:male Lion
Personality: kinda spunky and adventureus doesnt like staying in one spot to long fun loveing and a good lion to have by your side any day
Bio: brother of Bahari they are pretty close but have very different personalitys he loves to hunt challenge his brother to see who can bring back the most food that day tends to wander at night noone really knows why or where he goes crushing on Mira

Adopted from :iconkasara-designs:
line art/base by :iconmeduza13:

Female is
Name: Mira (peace, mythical princess)
Gender:female Lioness
Personality: she is the picture of calm cool and colected she is level headed and loyal to Haji and her family
Bio: she is the sister of Imara they look pretty alike and are sometimes mixed up and her other sister Mintaka a grey lioness and runt of the three sisters she loves them dearly and seems to be the one everyone goes to for advice or information she also is the lioness that can sometimes break up iner pride spats or fights with other prides on occasion

Adopted from :iconambereyes1:
base by :iconwolfgirl50:

Their cub is
Name: Eridani "Eri"
Personality: playfull funloveing and adventuareus loves to explore and poke aorund
Bio : very much a Daddys Girl she is the only cub that survived from 5 they all got sick 3 died of illness and one died in a attack by a rouge lion before her mom and dad De-sided to join her aunts and uncles Pride she had been lucky to have wandered away and fell asleep in a abandoned Meerkat Bolt her father found her later

Adopted from :iconkawaiiadopts77:


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July 9, 2013
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